Women entrepreneurs part 2: interview with Andi Wickman, Intimacy & Lifestyle Coach

Andi Wickman impresses the heck out of me! She is a certified Life and Holistic Coach passionate about helping busy moms feel like women again by teaching them to be fully present in their bodies and lives through taking care of their own needs.

During our phone interview it was abundantly evident that Andi practices what she teaches. She only had 30 minutes between swim lessons and soccer practice but at no time did either of us feel rushed because she was truly present, organized and efficient with her answers. Plus she was really enjoying her day, not just going through a list of tasks to be checked off. You could hear the joy she felt from not only being with her kids but also talking about a calling that brings meaning into her life!

However, it was going through a deeply painful experience of a miscarriage that first opened up Andi’s eyes to coaching and ultimately lead to a wisdom and growth that brings so much fulfillment now.

Please click below to hear about this profound journey (and how she is able to grow her practice while working full-time) in her own words:

If you are interested in working with Andi, she is currently offering a free “8 Days to Intimacy” challenge here: http://andiwickman.com/mini-course/

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